References Legionella combating

nt-BlueBox in use against Legionella in domestic water installations

Across Europe, several hundred newtec systems are in use against Legionella in hot and cold water; sold and maintained by our regional partners.

In a hotel complex in Slovenia

Since 2009, an nt-BlueBox has been used for the first time to disinfect hot water against Legionella in the hotel complex. After a long-term disinfection of one year, the nt-BlueBox 30 was taken out of operation for two weeks. Immediately afterwards, limit of Legionella were exceeded again. Since then, this nt-BlueBox has been in use without interruption to the present day. Regular Legionella measurements always showed zero!

Long-term disinfection against Legionella in the hospital AZ Alma in Belgium

Since 2016, an nt-BlueBox is used for long-term disinfection in cold water, dosing before and after an ion exchanger, against legionella in sanitary facilities.

Residential buildings in Leipzig (Germany)

Since 2014 for long-term disinfection against Legionella in warm water, with Biofilm online monitoring and automatic control of disinfection.

Revuetheater Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin

Since 2010, an nt-BlueBox has been in use for the disinfection of 180m³ warm water in a show basin, with effective disinfection but without the smell of chlorine.


  • Prevention of Legionella formation
  • Avoidance of the severe chlorine smell on stage and in the public area caused by previously used chlorine bleach (10~15%, usual in trade)

Drinking water disinfection in waterworks and pipe distribution networks in Helsingborg, Schweden

Since 2013, a nt-BlueBox 90 has been used for the mobile drinking water disinfection of 20-100 m³/h and for the degradation of biofilms in pipelines of the distribution network for drinking water.

Waterworks in Helsingborg, Sweden