In our nt-BlueBox the complete electrolysis and adjusted dosage is pre-installed in a very compact form. The concentration of the disinfectants in the tap water is monitored by a measuring bypass. The nt-BlueBox product range has different production capacities of the active substance NaClO, starting from 3, 30, 60, 90, ... to 200 g/h.

Special features of the nt-BlueBox


  • Proven to be effective against Legionella in water and biofilms in pipes, even at low concentrations of 0.3mg/L during long-term disinfection
  • No loss of effectiveness by avoiding transportation and storage of disinfection chemicals
  • minimized formation of disinfection by-products


nt-BlueBox generates low concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution (up to 0.8%), which is produced from common salt and water when needed and dosed on site. This avoids hazardous substances that must be labelled and replaced according to the EU-regulation.

Compact and mobile

Plug & play after pre-installation in the factory, including dosing, measuring bypass and online monitoring, also suitable for mobile applications.


Suitable for shock and long-term disinfection, for both hot and cold water disinfection.

Environmentally friendly

  • No transport, no storage, no handling and no disposal of hazardous chemicals
  • Very low energy consumption
  • NaClO solution up to 0.8% is biodegradable