Sludge silo and handling

For the Chinese market, we offer most reliable technology for the handling of sewage sludge.

Sludge silo with sliding frame or push floor

After dewatering, sewage sludge is temporarily stored in silos. For further treatments such as (partial) drying or incineration, silo and conveyor technologies are used as links for the entire process. The generally very high sand content in Chinese sewage sludge and the wellknown "glue phase" in sewage sludge drying require long years of experience and reliable technology. German technology is the world leader in this field with the most reliable products.

Silos with sliding frame, Source: Saxlund Germany
Sliding frame on the bottom of a silo, Source: Saxlund Germany
Push floor, Source: Saxlund Germany

Troughed chain conveyors for difficult conveying media:

Especially for tough and sticky sewage sludge after dewatering and drying, robust and steel-plated troughed chain conveyors offer the most reliable conveying process.

Troughed chain conveyor, picture source Fördertec Germany
Troughed chain conveyor, picture source Fördertec Germany