Measures for hygienically critical water piping systems in buildings

In the case of Legionella values above 10,000CBU / 100 ml, immediate measures to prevent danger must be initiated - shower ban by the health department, shock disinfection, etc.

If the limit value of 100KBE/100ml is exceeded, the following measures are recommended:

  • Registration at the health authority, information to owner / tenant
  • Immediate shock disinfection and optionally subsequent permanent disinfection

Already frequently used as effective and non-hazardous disinfection, newtec provides the solution with electrolysis in a compact nt-BlueBox, which enables immediate reduction by shock disinfection and subsequent active protection against Legionella by long-term disinfection.

  • Re-examination of Legionella
  • Hazard analysis with suggestions for corrective measures including a remediation plan for operational, constructional and procedural procedures.