Legionella Control

If the limit value for Legionella of 100CFU per 100ml test water specified in the Drinking Water Regulation is exceeded, the owner or the operator of the building is obliged to commission the necessary measures, e.g. basic disinfection, hazard analysis and remediation plan. Old, sometimes even relatively new sanitary facilities then have to be renovated; pipelines including fittings, boilers, hot water storage tanks and distributors in the entire building have to be adapted or renewed. This renovation according to German DVGW guidelines can take years.

Worth Knowing

Information about Legionella, diseases and protective measures.


Compact unit for on-site production and dosing of NaClO solution for shock or long-term disinfection.

Fulfillment of the law

Our disinfection agents and processes are effective, approved and sustainable.


of active substances and processes against Legionella.


in clinics, retirement homes, residential buildings, cooling towers, etc..

Biofilm providing sustenance and a hiding place

Legionella feed on biofilms in hot and cold water pipes. This biofilm is the best protection against chemical and thermal disinfection for Legionella. In order to achieve effective  Legionella control, it is necessary to work against the biofilm in pipelines.

Shock disinfection

With its unique compact electrolysis system - nt-BlueBox - newtec's solution provides an "immediate aid" to the contaminated sanitary system by the means of shock disinfection. It is a  short-term measure dosing high concentration active disinfectants against bacteria and biofilms. All taps and showers in the entire house must be closed for about one day.

Long-term disinfection

The nt-BlueBox can then be used for long-term disinfection by monitoring the concentration of disinfectants in hot and cold water online. This concentration is permitted in the   Drinking Water Regulation. This demonstrably and continuously reduces biofilm. In addition, the millions of Legionella freed from the biofilm and unicellular organism, are killed immediately.

Our nt-BlueBox is also used in cooling towers and spray humidifiers against Legionella, biofilms and other microbiological pollution.