Treatment and disposal of river and lake silt

Over time, silt accumulates on the bottom of lakes and rivers and must be regularly dredged and disposed of. Depending on water pollution, toxic substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, organic or inorganic pollutants often accumulate in the silt.

These substances, which are hazardous to health, must not be allowed to enter into the water body or its surroundings during dredging, dewatering and disposal. The removal and environmentally sound disposal of dredged silt is often difficult and associated with high costs.

Our solution:

newtec offers an integrated solution: The silt is already in-line treated during dredging, conveyed by the pump of the suction dredger:

  • Heavy metals are bound forever by additives
  • Other pollutants are adsorbed by additives
  • Natural substances are added to sludge flocculation

Using the same pumping energy, the treated silt is then transported to the shore in synthetic Geo Tubes where it will be dewatered.

The Geo Tubes filled with dewatered silt can be used for bank reinforcement or the construction of artificial hills/islands.