Electromagnetic decalcification

After 15 years of research and development, we now have the latest generation of physical water treatment with the Smart-Flow technology EMF (electro-magnetic field).

Our control unit automatically adjusts dynamic electromagnetic fields which act on the lime crystals in flowing media against lime scale deposits. It also reduces the surface tension of the flowing medium.

Our pure physical EMF solution - Smart-Flow - has a wide range of applications; with a focus on difficult applications and large-scale projects in industry and sewage treatment plants against limescale deposits:

  • in heat exchangers
  • on pipelines for hot water or for very hard water/medium
  • on pipelines for water after dewatering of sewage sludge
  • on leachate pipelines at landfills
  • on fillers in stripping columns

Application for cooling towers in 850 MW power plant in China

Thermal power: 4 x 30MW cooling circuits
Treated cooling feed water: 1.900 m³/h, pipe diameter 0,92m
Treated circulation water: 18.000 - 36.000 m³/h, pipe diameter 2,42m
Process: EMF
Commissioning: 2005


Lime prevention after sewage sludge digestion in sewage treatment plant

Customer: Seven Trent Water (UK)
Commissioning: 2015
Application: Protection against limescale deposits at pumps and pipes of centrate water after mechanical sludge dewatering
Process: EMF


Lime prevention in the paper industry

Customer: Card Board VPK Oudegem, Belgium
Commissioning: 2012
Application: Protection against lime scale deposits in heat exchangers and in pumps and pipes by pumping of lime milk
Pipe diameter: 350 mm
Volume flow: 550m³/h
[CaCO3]: 1400mg/L
Process: EMF


Protection against lime scale deposits and
blockage of the main landfill leachate pipeline

Customer: One of the largest landfills in Germany
Before: without EMF these pipe lines had to be cleaned mechanically and chemically every month
Commissioning: 2011