Chemical-free water treatment

newtec consistently relies on water treatment without the addition of chemicals and achieves better cleaning than conventional methods.

Removal of iron and manganese

The reinforced use of the catalytic effect of MnO2 is the key in this process. By dispensing with aggressive chemicals to regenerate the resin during removal of iron and manganese, the environment is protected and hazardous substances avoided.

Natural materials for flocculation and adsorption

We utilize natural substances such as activated CaCO3 instead of conventional flocculants with harmful aluminium and acrylamide. We also use activated CaCO3 and activated carbon to adsorb pollutants from the water.

Ultrafiltration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Modern membrane filtration is used for the purification of drinking and process water. The UF more and more replaces the classical sand filtration in waterworks. Depending on the application, the UF serves as a preliminary stage for the RO. Combined with electrolysis disinfection UF membrane cleaning is automated and aggressive cleaning chemicals are avoided.

References for chemical-free water treatment

Petrochemical Plant ZhongYuanDaHua in HeNan, China

For pure process water: 2x2400m³/day from treated wastewater and from the boiler

Process: Flocculation + sedimentation + UF + 2-stage RO

Commissioning: 2009

Bao Steel Mill in Baotou, China

For pure process water: 9.000m³/day

Process: Flocculation + sedimentation + UF + RO

Commissioning: 2012

Coal power plant boiler water in Taizhou, China

For pure process water:3 x 200m³/h

Process: Flocculation + sedimentation + UF + 2-stage RO

Commissioning: 2012

Thermal capacity:2 x 1000MW