Air purification

Innovative and pollution-dependent solutions with air washers, air filters and air ionization are offered after thorough air analysis, expert engineering and, if necessary, pilot testing.

Air hygiene for cooling tower

Legionella contaminated cooling water represents a significant health hazard and must be effectively disinfected.

The outgoing dangers of evaporative cooling plants due to bioaerosols and the resulting potential illnesses should not be underestimated by the operators.

In order to prevent this in the long term, the 42nd BImSchV (19.08.2017) stipulated concrete measures for evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet scrubbers.

Detailed guidelines for implementation can be found in the guideline VDI 2047 part 2 on the following points:

  • Continuous water treatment
  • Instructions for disinfection
  • Regular checks of microbiological, chemical and electrochemical parameters

Operators are obliged to comply with the hygiene regulations from the entry into force of the new statutory ordinance.

Air hygiene for air conditioners

The hygiene requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems and devices have been brought together in Guideline VDI 6022 Part 1 and supplemented with new requirements. This new version of the hygiene requirements for ventilation and air conditioning systems was published on 01.01.2018.

HVAC systems must be planned, executed, operated and maintained in such a way that they ensure hygienically perfect supply air quality and contribute to a safe indoor air.

newtec will gladly provide you with a suitable solution, supporting and accompanying you with a tailor-made concept.